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Special collections housed in the Libraries

Mahikeng Library

Please phone +27 (0)18 389 2355 to find out more about the Library’s special collections.

Potchefstroom Libraries

Ferdinand Postma Library

The Department of Loan services can be contacted at +28 (0)18 299 2783 for further information in this regard.  These materials can be searched via the Library catalogue.

  • Archived theses and dissertations
    A copy of every thesis and dissertation completed at the Potchefstroom Campus of the NWU up until 2010 is kept in a separate collection.  These documents are available for use in the Library only.  Special permission must be obtained from Loan services to have access to this collection.   From 2004 theses and dissertations are also available in electronic format via Boloka the North-West University institutional repository.
  • Carney Africana collection
    The main part of this collection belonged to Mr ER Carney and was donated to the Library in 1949 by his daughter, Ms CG Carney.
  • Collection of old and recent Afrikaans literature, literary criticism and linguistics
    This is a new collection aimed at the preservation of mainly Afrikaans literary works in an endeavour to build a complete collection.
  • Hertzog collection
    The collection consists largely of seventeenth to nineteenth century works on Roman Dutch law. It was donated to the Library in 1955 by Dr Albert Hertzog.
  • The Postma collection
    The library of Prof Ferdinand Postma, after whom the Library was named, is preserved as a unit. Prof Postma served as Principal of the Potchefstroom University College for Christian Higher Education from 1921 until 1950.
  • Rare books
    This collection consists of original editions of old books as well as facsimile editions of well-known documents like the Gutenberg Bible.

Education Sciences Library

Please contact contacted at +28 (0)18 299 1578 for more information regarding this collection.  These materials can be searched via the Library catalogue.

  • Children’s and juvenile book collection
    The collection is accessible for all students.

Vanderbijlpark Library

Please phone +28 (0)16 910 3172 to find out more about the Library’s special collections.

  • Africana