What is it?

  1. Books/material are placed at the Course Reserves section of the library upon recommendation from the lecturer to be used in the library.  The loan period is normally 2 hours at a time.
  2. Electronic Course Reserves (ECR) make electronic copies of study material available to students. This service is only available at Potchefstroom Campus.
    1. Advantages of ECR
      • Study material is available for the whole group, therefore the book/material is not only available to one student at a time.
      • ECR is not confined to a building, it is a virtual library.
      • It promotes the principle of e-learning.
      • Material cannot be damaged.
      • Material cannot be lost or stolen.
      • Information can also be made available on lecturers’ eFundi websites, via a link to the reserved material.
      • The complete list of reserved material does not need to be indicated in the study guide. It only has to indicate that reserved material can be found on the library’s website by clicking on the relevant links. Consequently, study guides do not have to be altered or updated when the material is removed or added. 
    2. Procedures
      • Provide the library with a decent, legible copy for scanning. It can either be a hard copy or an electronic copy.
      • Enough time is needed to apply for copyright, scan the article, and to load it onto the appropriate course reserves module.
      • The lecturer will be notified as soon as the process is completed, in order to then resolve any possible problems, conduct quality management and, if necessary, make changes.
      • When the process is finished, registered students will have 24/7 access to the information from anywhere in the world.
    3. How can I access electronic documents that have been placed on reserve?
      • You can search by Course Code or by Lecturer
      • Click on the title that you wish to view e.g. View or Print; //Title
      • Type your name, university number and PIN number
      • The reserved material will appear on the screen and can then be printed or saved

Enquiries can be addressed to: