Education Library - Potchefstroom

The extension and renovation of the Education Library (C6c) are currently in process. The estimated date of completion is in the last quarter of 2022, subject to unforeseen weather and construction issues.

The Education Library staff will work from the Ferdinand Postma Library until the completion of the project. A selection of books and the reserved and study collection books were relocated to the Ferdinand Postma Library.

The proposed front view of the library:
Education Library front view

The Architect's idea is to create visual transparency - to visually connect people outside with the users and activities inside.

The spaces of the current Education Library will be repurposed and the EduLab space will be converted into a quiet study area. Additional workspaces and power plugs will be added throughout the library. A double-story extension will be added to the front of the library.

We are looking forward to the establishment of innovative new spaces for Education users!


Ground Floor

The ground floor will host a copy shop and the new EduLab, with a collaborative and connected working space for 104 students.

Modern 'Wimpy-like" benches will be installed and there will be ample plugs for laptops and other devices throughout the area.

Six group study rooms will be equipped with LED screens, whiteboards and power points on the desks.

First Floor:

The first floor will have at least 54 computer workstations and 17 individual study cubicles, also equipped with power points.

The lounge areas at the entrances to the ground and first floor will be adaptable and connected spaces, woven together by various types of seating in a combination of colours and patterns. Lounges have become ideal spaces for human interaction and are designed to spur teamwork.