Education Library - Potchefstroom

Plans to extend and renovate the Education Library to cater to the needs of the growing number of Education students are gaining momentum. The architectural plans have been approved and the intended start of the project will be in the last quarter of 2020. 

The proposed front view of the library:
Education Library front view
The Architect's idea is to create visual transparency — to visually connect people outside with the users and activities inside. 

The spaces of the current Education Library will be repurposed and the EduLab space will be converted into a quiet study area. Additional workspaces and power plugs will be added throughout the library. A double storey extension will be added to the front of the library. 
We are looking forward to the establishment of innovative new spaces for Education users!


Ground Floor

The ground floor will host a copy shop and also the new EduLab, with collaborative and connected working space for 104 students.

Modern 'Wimpy-like" benches will be installed and throughout the area will be ample plugs for laptops and other devices.

Six group study rooms will be equipped with LED screens, white boards and power points on the tables.

First Floor:

The first floor will have at least 54 computer workstations and 17 individual study cubicles, also equipped with power points.

A lift will be installed for users with disabilities.

The lounge areas at the entrances to the ground and first floor will be adaptable and connected spaces, woven together by various types of seating in a combination of colours and patterns. Lounges have become ideal spaces for human interaction and are designed to spur teamwork.

Mahikeng Library

Construction could resume after the lock-down. The project is almost completed.
We will keep you informed about the arrangements for the launch and official opening of this area.

The Library and Information Service is currently busy with a major refurbishment project in the Mahikeng Library.

During the 1st phase, a Law Library will be established on the 1st floor.  Timeline:  Completed in December 2019.

During the 2nd phase, an Information Commons will be established in the Lower Ground Floor.  Timeline:   Currently in progress (January 2020 - September 2020.)

We apologize for the inconvenience, but you can look forward to having a library with exciting new spaces - focused on your needs!

Renovations lower ground floor Mahikeng
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Phase 2: Lower Ground Floor Refurbishment: Currently in progress (January 2020  - September 2020).

Implication - no access to the lower ground floor during construction.
Library support measures...
  • 104 000 Law books will be moved from the lower ground floor to the 1st floor.
  • Please make use of the computer rooms on the campus during the library refurbishment project.
What you can look forward to...
  • An Information Commons on the Lower Ground Level - focusing on the teaching-learning needs of undergraduates
  • A Technology Commons with a Maker Space, One Button Studio and Podcast Studio. Students will be introduced to the latest technology as required by the Curriculum. This will be an innovative and creative space.
  • 119  Computer workstations
  • Training room
  • Service point, support desk and info desk
  • 5 New seminar rooms with LED screens and patch points on the tables
  • An upgrade of the 24 Hour study area adjacent to the Information Commons
  • 4 Seminar rooms with whiteboards will be added in 24-hour study area
  • 178 Seats in 24-hour study area
  • Additional power points for mobile devices will be added throughout the area
Renovation Mahikeng Law Library
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Phase 1: Law Library on the first floor: Completed in December 2019

Implication - no access to the affected space on the first floor.
What you can look forward to...
  • Law Library
  • 3 Seminar rooms with LED screens in the Law Library
  • Study space
  • Computer workstations

Follow our Mafikeng renovation in pictures