Decide on a research topic, formulate your research question and plan the project.

Meet your Faculty Librarian

Our Faculty Librarians are here to assist you with your research.

Current and completed research

Decide on a topic and title with the help of Nexus and ProQuest Searches.

- National ETD Portal (NRF)

- Nexus search (NRF)

- ProQuest Theses & Dissertations

Manuals for M and Ph.D. studies

- A-Rules (General Academic Rules)

- Manual for Higher Degrees Studies


- Funding


Find literature sources and develop your research skills.




Literature Searches

- LibGuides (Databases by subject)

Interlibrary Loans

Can't find a book or article that you are looking for, request it through Interlibrary Loans


Use these tools to organise, manage and analyse your research.


- EndNote

EndNote template files (Harvard, Law, and LaTex)

- Referella: Referencing Guides

- Copyright and plagiarism

- Journal title abbreviations

Data Analysis Tools

- Research Tools

Writing and Proofreading

- MS Word Postgraduate template

- Translation/editing services

- Writing Centre


Manage and preserve research output and data.

Boloka: Institutional Repository

- Boloka: Institutional Repository 
Boloka is where the Library uploads your completed thesis/dissertation or journal article.

Research Data Management

DaYta Ya Rona (figshare)
You can upload the metadata that you used during your research to the Data Repository.

- RDM info and contact details

- Google Dataset Search

 Publish / Share

Publish and share in print and digital forms.

Choosing accredited journals

- Accredited journals

- Journal Impact Factors - JCR

Guidelines for authors

Author's guidelines differ from journal to journal. Contact your Faculty Librarian for assistance.

Open Access

- Open Access

- Open Access Week 2020


- Binding of research

 Measure / Impact

Determine journal and researcher impact.

Journal Impact Factors

- Journal Impact Factors - JCR

- Journal metrics

NRF Rating

- National Research Foundation - Rating


- Register for an ORCID iD

Altmetrics, Bibliometrics & H-index

- NWU Experts

- Altmetrics

- Bibliometrics

- Researcher Impact / H-Index