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Get full text articles in Google Scholar

Look for the "Full Text @ NWU" link next to each result. Use that link to get the full text via the Libraries' subscriptions.

Google Scholar Search


The full text article link does not show

  • If the link does not appear next to any results please configure your Google Scholar account. 
  • You can also link your Google account to the NWU. The "Full Text @ NWU" links will then appear even if you don't start your search from this page.


How to configure your Google Scholar account

  1. Click on the hamburger menu next to the Google Scholar logo and then on Settings.

    Google Scholar Search

  2. Click on Library links under the Settings menu. Type NWU in the search box. Mark the checkbox next to NWU - Full Text @ NWU and click on Save.

    Google Scholar Search

If you're logged into a Google account, it will remember that setting from now on.

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