Library and Information Service

Major Refurbishment in Mafikeng Library

The Library and Information Service is currently busy with a major refurbishment project in the Mahikeng Library.

During the 1st phase, a Law Library will be the established on the 1st floor.  Time line:  12 September - January 2020.

During the 2nd phase, an Information Commons will be the established in the Lower Ground Floor.  Time line:   January 2020 - May 2020.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but you can look forward to have a library with exciting new spaces - focused on your needs!

Renovation Mahikeng Law Library
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Phase 1: Law Library on the first floor: 12 September - January 2020

Implication - no access to the affected space on the first floor.
What you can look forward to...
  • Law Library
  • 3 Seminar rooms with LED screens in the Law Library
  • Study space
  • Computer workstations
Renovations lower ground floor Mahikeng
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Phase 2: Lower Ground Floor Refurbishment: January 2020  - May 2020

Implication - no access to the lower ground floor during construction.
Library support measures...
  • 104 000 Law books will be moved from the lower ground floor to the 1st floor.
  • Please make use of the computer rooms on the campus during the library refurbishment project.
What you can look forward to...
  • An Information Commons on the Lower Ground Level - focusing on the teaching-learing needs of undergraduates
  • A Technology Commons with a Maker Space, One Button Studio and Podcast Studio. Students will be introduced to the latest technology as required by the Curriculum. This will be an innovative and creative space.
  • 119  Computer workstations
  • Training room
  • Service point, support desk and info desk
  • 5 New seminar rooms with LED screens and patch points on the tables
  • An upgrade of the 24 Hour study area adjacent to the Information Commons
  • 4 Seminar rooms with white boards will be added in 24 hour study area
  • 178 Seats in 24 hour study area
  • Additional power points for mobile devices will be added throughout the area


Follow our renovation in pictures