What is LibKey

LibKey is an API that works with the NWU Libraries subscriptions to provide quick, one-click access to full-text journal articles. The Library subscribes to the LibKey Suite, namely BrowZine, LibKey.io, LibKey Nomad, LibKey Discovery and LibKey Link.

How each product works


LibKey Browzine BrowZine is our virtual scholarly journal platform where you can browse, read and monitor the online journals we subscribe to. 

BrowZine features:

  • You can create a personalised bookshelf to easily follow titles of interest and be notified when new articles are published. 
  • My articles enable offline reading of saved articles.
  • Integration with EndNote, RefWorks, Mendeley and another bibliographic service.
  • Integrated with our Interlibrary Loan system.
  • BrowZine example:

    Libkey BrowZine example


DOI/PMID Lookup provides users quick access to a paper by searching via DOI or PMID. 

You can search in three ways:

  1. Via the DOI/PMID Lookup page.
  2. Type libkey.io/{replace with doi or PubMed id} in your browser search bar.
  3. By using the search box below

Check for Instant Article Access


Interesting to know: Once you have found an article feel free to copy the link from the browser search bar and use them in documents. They are persistent and not session-dependent, so they will not break.

LibKey Nomad

Browser extension connects you from the open web, e.g. any journal publisher sites or Wikipedia, to our library's content. 


Example of the results in Wikipedia:

LibKey Wikipedia example


What do the LibKey access buttons mean?

  • Example of Libkey Download PDF button - This takes you directly to the PDF article.
  • Example of Libkey Article Link button - The library does not have access to the direct PDF link. In this case, the button will take you to a publisher page in case of open access or to the record of the article's database, where you can click on the full text.
    This can be because: 
    • The publisher only has a .html copy and not a PDF copy.
    • The journal aggregator (platform) like EBSCO or Proquest does not support direct PDF linking yet.
  • Example of Libkey Access Option Button Link button  - The library does not have immediate access to this article. It takes you to a page where you can access it via an Interlibrary Loan.
  • LibKey Manuscript pdf button example - Usually delivers an Open Access document; if there is no open access document, it provides a green open access document. This can be from an Institutional Repository or a pre-published version.

LibKey Discovery

  • LibKey discovery integrates into our WorldCat Discovery Service, introducing new links and data elements to enhance the researcher's workflow and providing one-click access to PDFs. 
  • Installed by the Library, users do not have to install anything or do any configurations.

LibKey Link

  • Uses link resolvers to ensure one-click to PDFs in PubMed/Google Scholar using simple integration.
  • Installed by the Library, users do not have to install anything or do any configurations.
Note: If you are off-campus, you must log in with your CAS username and password when asked.