SA Media contains records from South African newspapers and periodicals from 1978 onwards.



PressReader provides access to more than 7,000 of the world's top newspapers and magazines. This includes SA sources such as Sunday Times, The Citizen, Good Housekeeping, Destiny, finweek, Huisgenoot, Sowetan, Beeld, Elle, Mail & Guardian, Cosmopolitan etc.

You can access PressReader via your computer or mobile app.

How to log on:

  • Always use the PressReader link on the Library web page. It has a built-in proxy address that will recognize you as a registered student/staff member.
  • First-time users must authenticate via their computer before they use the mobile app. After that, you can read newspapers and magazines via the PressReader App on your phone if that is your preference.
  • PressReader offers offsite access to the platform. That means you can use PressReader after leaving the University premises for 7 days via the App. After 7 days you need to re-authenticate via your computer from the library page (authenication via your computer from the Library web page will also work off-campus). If you read PressReader via your computer by using the PressReader link on the Library web page is not necessary to re-authenticate.